CBN News

CBN News

Founded by Pat Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network or the CBN news USA TV is a Christian network which aims to spread the word of our God.

It was built last January 11, 1960, and it first broadcasted a program last October 1, 1961, which started as a UHF channel with a lower power because of a little fund.

Because of this, this station can only be aired to Portsmouth City.  Christian Broadcasting Network was the first Christian TV station in Virginia and in the whole country.

CBN network continued to grow, and its station expanded to several programs and included here was the CBN News USA TV.

CBN News USA TV was still funded by the CBN Network. So, aside from the word God that they spread, they also cater the broadcasting current events and important news that the country men should know.

CBN News USA TV, although it talks about news, it is still focused on Christianity. From time to time, they include some clips or headlines about various Christians around the world.

This TV network sees to it that they deliver only the positive news. They don’t aim to deliver bad news against someone or anybody. They just want to broadcast positivity among the people.

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