Church Channel

Church Channel

I owned and operated by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the Church Channel USA TV is a Christian television station which broadcasts and facilitates church services every day.

This TV network airs church services from various American leading churches, which are from different Christian denomination 24 hours per day and seven days a week.

They also include covering services of the independent and non-denominational groups. The Church Channel USA TV broadcasts across the Nashville, Tennessee.

The Church Channel USA TV consists mostly of church service's coverage. They require the church services to be in an instructional, evangelistic or ministerial nature.

This covers 90% of their air time. The ten percent left on their air time is focused on fundraising programs and other announcements.

However, they follow the strict guidelines with their fundraising programs.

This TV channel encourages the church denominations to save recordings of their church services and send them to the station with the intent of putting those services on air.

There are several cable services around the world like direct to home satellite, free to air galaxy 25, ABS1, Hot Bird Satellite and Agila 2, which include this channel in their services.

This is also available online through the TV station’s website and through this website.

The copyright and ownership of any audio / video or live stream referenced to remains with the broadcaster.